Let's have a conversation about style! Consultations are the first step in finding your personal style. We will go in depth about what you like and don't like, and will identify the shifts we can make to achieve your style goals! (Bonus: I've crafted a personalized style quiz to pin point the feel of your style. From boho to classic, we'll have you covered!)

shopping trips

Locally or online, we are available to shop at anytime! Shopping excursions are the second step in sifting through the masses to narrow down what you actually like. This is where we identify the specific items of clothing that you're drawn to, and make the rest fall away. No more frantic searching and shopping!


capsule wardrobes

In addition to overhauling your existing wardrobe, we can work with you to transform it into a capsule wardrobe (i.e. a select number of pieces you wear and love on rotation, which eliminates the things you don't wear and unnecessary shopping). This isn't necessary to having a great closet + wardrobe, but it is ideal for the minimalists who only want the basics. Think of it as Marie Kondo-ing your closet!

Full access

Lastly, we offer one month of full access! This can be on its own or post-wardrobe overhaul. Anytime you have questions about what might look good for your body type, or are out shopping and want advice on if these shoes are right or if this top is cute, you'll be able to shoot us an email with an instant response (thank you, Gmail App)!