To Read / Summer Book Progress


     Good morning! Just wanted to share an update on what I'm currently reading! I finished the Alchemist, and have started Love Story. I loved the Alchemist, but wanted something less philosophical this time around, and Love Story is perfect. I saw the movie at least 6 years ago (thanks mom!) and have always known it to be a classic, but had no idea it was based on a book! So far, it's very good, basically the same as the movie, and a quick read. Perfect for summer! 

     Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you back here on Monday with one of the last of my summer outfits! 

For Hobbies / Summer


      Hi there! The other day, I was thinking about how much more I try to get done during the summer. I guess it's the extra day light, but one of the things I've noticed this season is that I try to pack so much into summer days! It just seems like there is more room that I can choose to fill or not fill (sometimes you have to lounge). This leads me to all of the hobbies I'm constantly rotating. It's become quite a bit, so I've decided to narrow it down to what I've enjoyed most! Check out the list below. 

Summer Hobbies:

- Reading (I'm tearing through The Glass Castle at the moment!)

- Growing and Drying Fresh Herbs (I'm never taking the abundance of herbs that summer weather brings for granted again.)

- Pilates (I've always enjoyed yoga, but transitioned to higher intensity pilates this summer. It's the only exercise routine I've stayed consistent with in awhile! #momlife)

- Flea Market Hunting (Something about the warmer weather drives me to scrounging the flea markets for the ultimate score.)

- Craft Time with Bailey (My mother heavily encouraged creativity in all its forms, and for me and my two sisters, that meant craft central (our craft/kitchen pantry) all summer long. It's been one of the only things I can do to occupy Bailey when it's too hot to go to the park this summer!)

      That's all! What do you do to fill your time in the summer?? Leave a comment below! Have a fun Thursday!

To Read / Summer


     Hi there! I set a summer goal to read at least five books, and so far it's going well! I've finished The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie, The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. All three were excellent, and currently, I'm reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 

      My interests vary when it comes to books, so if these picks seem like a strange melange of choices, they aren't. I just happen to like multiple kinds of books! American Gods is actually a new TV show, and I haven't checked it out yet, but if it's anything like the book, I'm sure it's good! The Secret Life of Plants is nonfiction, but abstract enough in ideology that some may not view it that way.  

       Plants have always had a connection to humans, since we've been around at least. We couldn't survive without them, and I think that's a relationship worth delving into! 

       Thanks for reading, and let me know what your favorite summer reads are! See you back here on Monday!

For Reading / February


      Good morning! Have you all ever heard of the Slavic performance artist Marina Abramovic? She's considered the "grandmother" (she's currently 70) of performance art, gaining notoriety in the 60's + 70's for her avant garde approach to the art form. Her fame subsided a bit in the 90's and early 2000's, until 2010, the year she introduced the wildly popular MoMA exhibit in New York titled "The Artist is Present". The exhibit consisted of Marina sitting in a chair at a table, with an empty chair placed directly across from her. She sat for 750 hours total, over the course of just under two full months in the museum. The performance was interactive, Abramovic having instructed patrons to form a line and one by one come sit across from her at the table, wherein she would then look up at each person and stare into their eyes. Some cried, some got angry, and some were overjoyed, but the exercise was employed in complete silence.

       Thousands upon thousands of fans and museum-goers visited the exhibit, which also included a retrospective of her most famous pieces from 40 years before, including celebrities and personal friends of Abramovic. Then, the making and duration of this show was made into a documentary aptly titled "The Artist is Present". This is when I discovered her work, as Columbia hosts an annual film festival, and one of my assignments for an art class was to go see my choice of a film at the festival and then write a report on it. I loved the documentary, and the insight into one of the most daring artists in recent history was fascinating, because artists are typically so aloof, as they prefer for their art to speak for them. I re-watched the documentary again when it came out on Netflix (I think it's still on there), and still found it just as interesting. 

     Finally, a few months back, I found out that Marina was publishing an auto-biography. I had to have it. It immediately went on my Christmas list (thanks mom and dad!), and this month, it's our book of choice! Fair warning: Abramovic's pieces almost always included nudity and some form of violence, and even reading about some of the performances is hard. They were extreme, and intentionally so, as she liked to push the audiences out of their comfort zones. The only other performance artist I can compare her to is Yoko Ono when she presented her "Cut Piece" in the same era.

     That being said, I'm already one hundred pages in, and I'm hooked. If you can get past the telling of uncomfortable situations, then the book is humorous and enjoyable, letting Marina's personality shine through. Let's have an awesome, book-filled February!

For Reading / January


     Good morning! January's book of the month is Known and Strange Things by Teju Cole. It is a collection of essays ranging on various topics such as art, people, and historical moments. I've been a fan of short stories and essays for awhile now, and have already dove in to this tome. So far, so good!

      It's hard to call this collection "short stories", because they are mainly non-fictional observations made by Cole. I much prefer the term essays. I also love that this is a new book, having been written in 2016. Cole got his start as a blogger, and published his first chapters in a serial on said blog. It's interesting to see how he weaves in modern day influences, such as Twitter and how he still doesn't grasp what Snapchat is, into his observations.

    Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday! Now, go crack open a book!

To Have a Reading


     Hi there! Since it's October, I thought it'd be fun to share a little bit about my Tarot cards, in keeping with the mystical and spooky mood everyone's in this time of year. I have a deck of Wild Unknown Tarot cards (which are no longer available), and they are some of the prettiest ones I've ever seen! They are beautifully illustrated, and honestly, that's what drew me to them, more than their actual purpose. Some people think Tarot cards are creepy, or weird, but I mostly just think it's fun. Anything that "tells your future", like horoscopes and Tarot cards, is hard for me to take seriously, but I do like to see if the cards or stars line up with what I'm feeling and is going on in my life, which a lot of the time, they do. I take the things they say as suggestions or warnings, like when my horoscope says that I need to check my opinions and try not to be too confrontational this month, and then move on. Now, for a little Tarot!

     A Tarot deck typically consists of 78 cards, which includes 4 suits, the Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands (each with a Queen, King, Knight, and Jack, or in the Wild Unknown's case, a Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son), also known as the Minor Arcana. Each deck also has a 21 card trump suit (which are all cards that mean more than or "trump" the other suits), also known as the Major Arcana, and a Fool card. I really only do self-reads, so I do a three card draw. All you do is shuffle the cards, then draw three and turn them face-up. Each tarot card can mean a lot of things, and even if they are upside down when you turn them over, they still mean something different than if they were right side up.

     This three card draw is very fitting of my personality, and where I'm at in my life, with the exception of the Five of Cups. The Mother of Pentacles is one of the most motherly cards in the deck, representing all things practical, motherly, and down-to-earth, which are all words some have used to describe me. The Five of Cups represents a loss or disappointment, which I haven't really experienced lately, or at least don't carry with me, typically because I move on quickly from things like that. However, the Five of Cups also has a positive purpose, in that it shows the subject that they can view this disappointment or loss as a cup half-full or half-empty situation. I usually do the former in those situations, so I guess that's the most relative aspect of this card for me. Lastly, the Daughter of Cups represents a new creative venture, and refreshing inspiration, which I must say has hit me pretty strongly recently. I'm starting to get in a good flow with my creative endeavors, and am achieving more than I expected. I've found my stride, as far as what I find inspiring and how I want to shape my life, and it's showing in my aesthetics. As I've said before, Tarot cards hold many meanings, and it's important not to invest your whole beliefs into intangible things, such as horoscopes and Tarot cards. It's just fun to glimpse into what may be ahead, and to try and get some understanding of yourself. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

What We're Loving, #2

     Today, we have the second installment of my weekly What We're Loving Series. It has been very enlightening, so far, to sift through our lives to pick out a few things that have been getting a lot of attention. Some things are obvious, like I'm definitely going to be reading our Book of the Month this week, but other things, like pinpointing what specific toy Bailey has been giving the extra hugs to, require a little bit more observation. Now that she's talking and saying syllables of words, she makes it pretty clear what she wants. This was the case with last weeks Loving choice of Mr. Wolfie, she literally says "wolf" when she wants him. I really look forward to continue documenting her childhood choices.

What We're...

Wearing: My favorite beanie/Bailey's favorite cardigan.

Reading: The Book of the Month/ Little girl is saying the number 2!

Eating: Homemade salsa from Brett's mom/ She eats at least one banana a day.

Making: Cards for the place settings at Thanksgiving/ washi tape balls

Loving: air plants!/ a little box from D.C. that her Auntie Becca gave her. :)