For New Shoes!


     Hi there! I just wanted to do a quick post on the shoes I received for my birthday from my awesome parents! I usually just pick most of my presents out, because I can be picky, but I still get excited opening them. If you've been pining for something, of course it will still be exciting to actually get! That was the case with these super pretty Asos pumps.

       I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of low-heel pumps for awhile, and finally found them a couple of months ago. I immediately texted my mom, telling her they are the main thing I want for my birthday, and a few months later, here we are! I like to try and get the things I fall in love with pretty quickly, because I hate the disappointment of your size selling out. It's selfish, I know, but I just get so excited for things like this that I can't help it.

      Onto the shoes themselves: they are in a soft blush suede with a thick block heel, so they are super sturdy and easy to walk in. Asos always kills it in the affordable shoe game, usually being the first ones to jump on trends. Be on the look out for these guys in some style posts coming up! Catch ya later!