To Blend / A Cucumber Mint Cooler


     Good morning! When planning out this season's recipes, I decided I want to focus on a different region's cuisine for each season. Each different region has a distinct seasonal feel to it's classic dishes, and the one the screamed spring to me was Asia! Asian cuisine is so veggie focused, with bright and fresh flavors that make the most sense for spring dishes - so with that, I'll introduce this cocktail to you. 

      Cucumbers are growing on me, and are ripe for the picking at the moment. We have some  in our garden, but until they too are ready to be harvested, farmer's market ones are the best option! Our mint in the garden, however, is constantly sprouting leaves and happens to pair perfectly with cucumber. Those two ingredients are the bones of this cocktail, and make for the perfect apertif on a warm spring evening. Get the full recipe below!



- 1 small cucumber, peeled

- a handful of mint leaves, plus a couple for garnishing 

- 1/2 cup of vodka

- 1/2 cup of lemon juice



1. Combine all ingredients in a blender.


2. Blend until smooth and thin.


3. Pour and garnish with mint leaves. Enjoy!

      Thanks for reading! I don't want to fully reveal where we're metaphorically visiting for the summer season, but I will say one thing - the goal of the summer will be living la dolce vita. ;) Have a fun week!

To Mix / A Spring Bloody Mary


      Good morning! Tomorrow is finally March, and my mind completely disregards the technical start date of the spring equinox, so from tomorrow until summer - I'll be in spring mode! I've been craving a bloody mary to go along with weekend brunch for a little bit, so this past weekend, I made it happen! It was the perfect opportunity to shoot the pretty red drink as it was incredibly sunny (a la spring!) and the perfect weather for brunch on our porch. I could get used to this! Now, my spring twist on this is simple: black pepper and lemon. I like to stick with a spicy tomato and carrot juice base and only add a little flavoring to complement it! Get the recipe below!



- 1 glass of spicy tomato/carrot juice (if you don't like the spice, feel free to get whichever tomato juice you like!)

- 1 shot of vodka

- half a lemon

- black pepper

- ice



1. Pour your tomato juice into your glass, over ice, then add in the vodka.


2. Sprinkle black pepper on top, then squeeze your lemon into the drink.


3. Stir and enjoy!

     Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for my second brunch recipe for the week on Friday! Have a fun Wednesday!

For a Cocktail


     Hi there! I don't know about you, but I'm kind of in a sugar coma. Oh, the downfalls of having a child to take trick or treating. Candy doesn't even sound good at this point, but since it's only Tuesday, a cocktail will tonight. We all know I'm a big fan of Moscow Mules + Pomegranate, so I decided to combine the two, much to the chagrin, I'm sure, of my dad, who dislikes pomegranate. Sorry dad! This will be the only pomegranate recipe for the foreseeable future, I promise! Now, onto your mid-week treat.



- 1 shot of vodka

- 1 cup of ginger beer

- 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice

- a squeeze of lime


1. Pour all ingredients, over ice, into a copper mule mug and stir. Enjoy!

To Make Margs


     Hi guys! I know it's a little early to talk about cocktails, but when ideas are this fun you just have to share! I very recently tried kombucha for the first time, and loved it. I had also seen a cocktail recipe for kombucha mojitos, but I'm not much of a rum girl, so I decided to whip these up instead! They're frozen raspberry fizzy margarita goodness, and I highly recommend them as a great end of summer cocktail. Using kombucha instead of a sugary juice to blend with the tequila even makes them semi-healthy (as healthy as a cocktail ever can be)! Get the how-to below! 

Ingredients: yields 2 margs

- 2.5 shots of tequila

- 1 bottle of any kombucha you like (I picked raspberry chia!)

- lime juice

- ice


- blend all ingredients til smooth and serve in cute mason jars

For a Cocktail


         Hi there! Today's cocktail is one of my favorites for summer. It only consists of three ingredients: tequila, grapefruit juice, and lime. The results are a refreshingly tart drink for the summer. Pair with some shrimp tacos like we did, and you're good to go. Get the recipe below!

Ingredients: Serves one

- 1 shot of tequila blanco

- 1 glass full of grapefruit juice

- 1/2 of a lime for squeezing


- Add the shot to the juice and squeeze some lime in there. Stir and enjoy!

To Make a Cocktail, Pt. 5


    Good morning! It's officially lemonade season, and I love finding small, artisnal ways to spruce up the beloved warm-weather drink. Today's option is adding a little thyme and vodka to the classic. Cocktails with herbs are becoming a "thing" and I understand why. Basil, thyme, lavender, etc. typically pair well with fruity flavors. They contrast the sweetness and add a fresh twist to something that otherwise might be too sweet.

      This cocktail is no exception, considering lemon juice always tastes sugary rather than tart to me. I chose thyme to complement that sweetness, and it really makes the drink more "adult". It just feels more sophisticated to swirl a sprig of thyme around in your lemonade! Get the Thyme Lemonade recipe below.

Thyme Lemonade: yields one cocktail


- one shot of vodka

- 1/2 cup of sparkling water

- a big squeeze of lemon juice

- a few sprigs of thyme

Directions: Stir ingredients together in your glass and enjoy!

To Make a Cocktail, Pt. 4


       Hey there! I have a penchant for celebrating seemingly mundane things. It just makes life more fun, and everyday life more satisfying. I love having plans to look forward too! This was the case for when Spring made it's real debut with consistent 60 and 70 degree weather. My way of celebrating? Watermelon Margaritas, of course. Melon is in season in the spring, and I typically have it on hand anyway this time of year because Bailey LOVES it. This seemed like a pretty excellent way to use some of it up.

     I invited my BFF Cat over (that's her hand right there), and we blended these up and enjoyed them on the front porch. Watermelon alone is so refreshing, but add in a little tequila and some lime juice, and you've got a tidy drink on your hands. See the recipe below!

Ingredients: yields two small Margs

- 2 shots of tequila

- 1 1/2 cups of chopped watermelon

- however much lime juice you like (we like a lot)

- ice

- salgar (sugar + salt) for the rims of your glasses


Step one - Blend all ingredients, except the salgar, until smooth. Pour into your salgar rimmed glasses and enjoy!

To Make a Cocktail, Pt. 3


     Hey readers! This cocktail idea came out of a "smash" I had at a restaurant. It was super good, and I love anything with berries in it, so I had to attempt it at home! I also had bought some hibiscus iced tea bags anyways, and I figured the flavor combination would be perfect. I've been a tea convert for about a year now (but I still drink at least 2 cups of coffee everyday), and I love how much healthier you feel after drinking it, even in a cocktail. Add some blueberries, vodka, and lime juice and you've got a tidy little drink! Random note: This tea says blushberry on the box and it's Tazo, but I just call it hibiscus instead, considering blushberry isn't a real thing. LOL



- 1 shot of vodka

- a cup of iced tea

- muddled blueberries

- lime juice



Step one - Combine all ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice!

To Make a Cocktail, Pt. 2


     What you see above is golden. This beautiful drink is a Ginger Whiskey Cider, and it tastes as good as it looks! I know cider season is pretty much over, but they still had it at the store, and it's delicious any time of the year, so I went with it. I'm glad I did, because I love anything that comes out looking like honey. This drink would be perfect to make as a big batch in punch form, for a holiday party or what have you. The ginger adds a nice little bite to the sweet cider and whiskey. That's what always gets me with whiskey, why I don't drink it often. It's the sweetness. Add cider, ginger beer, and orange bitters though, and I've got myself a tidy little cocktail. Even though it's not a toddy, it'll warm you up like one. That's a perk of whiskey or bourbon, regardless of their taste. For a seasonal drink, I figured this one was perfect!

Ingredients: yields one cocktail

- a shot of apple cider whiskey

- a shot of ginger beer

- one cup of apple cider, chilled

- two shakes of bitters


- Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake. Pour over ice and enjoy!