Mom Style: Mom Jeans


       Hey there! I recently decided to kind of rebrand my style posts, coining them "Mom Style". Being a mom only slightly effects my style, mostly in how wearable clothes are. Is this top too restricting to climb around the playground with Bailey? Will the little rocks get stuck in these shoes? Usually those are the only "mom" questions involved with clothes and shopping. You can still have personal style while being a mama, and that's what these posts are about!

     I figured I should tackle the most mom piece of clothing that my generation is aware of, and that would be "mom jeans". Mom jeans typically have a high waist, tapered ankles, and come in mostly light washes. They were the normal jean style in the 80's and only received their mom title in the 2000's as the butt of an SNL joke, which thanks to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler was pretty hilarious, even if you love the jeans. They ironically became popular to wear again, due to the skit on SNL, and now are sold in any store you can think of.

     Mine are from Old Navy, which is my jean place. I just know my size there and they always have great quality for a pretty low price. The super high rise is also awesome, and weirdly more comfortable than a low rise jean, because I know they are going to stay put at my waist. Another benefit of a high rise: it's the perfect opportunity to wear a crop top, without having to show skin, which was another change in my style once I became a mom. I don't mind showing a little sliver of stomach, but anything more than an inch just feels wrong now. Here, I'm wearing the only cropped sweater I own, which when worn with these jeans, perfectly tucks in at the top. That gorgeous mustard color is another favorite detail of mine, and works perfectly with a simple gold choker, and some white sneakers. Get the details below!

Wearing: Old Navy jeans / Forever 21 sweater (similar here) / vintage gold choker (similar here) / Adidas sneakers / Target shades

(All photos by Kristen Williams)

Side note: Along with the new style posts, I've hired Kristen Williams to shoot the style posts! She's amazing, and has made it so much easier to give these style posts the look I want. Thanks Kristen!

To Rock My Adidas


     Hi guys! Normally I'm not one for showing off Christmas presents, or gifts in general. I can't help it with these sneakers though! They are Adidas Superstars and I've been planning outfits around them in my head for the longest time. Now that I have them, be prepared to see a lot of them. This little mini photo shoot, featured here today, was shot like an hour after I opened them, by Kristen. I couldn't wait! I'm a little wary of having to take care of them to keep them white, but I can handle it. All I need is a good shoe protector spray and I'll be set. Until then, I'm refusing to walk in grass or near dirt of any kind.

     I know, I'm such an awkward poser. I can do movement pretty well, like dance and tennis, but when it comes to standing still, I fail miserably. My body just doesn't know what to do with itself. Maybe I'll just start doing yoga poses in every photo. Those are my kind of poses.

     But really, this is the most excited I've gotten about shoes in a long time. That's really saying something, because I used to be obsessed. Recently though, I've been focusing more actual clothes instead of accessories. It's nice to have you back, shoe obsession!