To Make / A Spoon Rest


     Good morning! For awhile now, I've been looking to replace the spoon rest we keep by the oven, and I finally decided to just make one. I like slightly wonky, gilded ceramics, so crafting one myself seemed simple enough! Get the how-to below!


- air-dry clay

- gold spray paint

- white acrylic paint

- a paint brush

- water for slip


1. First, get a large ball of clay, and press it out until it's about 1/2 an inch thick. Mold it into a shallow bowl shape using the bottom of any cup or bowl you like.

2. Using water, smooth down the inside and sides of your dish until desired texture is reached.

2. (cont.) I made a small dip in the front of mine to accommodate any large cooking utensil. 

3. Let dry overnight, then paint the bottom and sides using spray paint, and paint the interior with white paint.

4. Let dry and enjoy!