For Pinning / April


     Hi there! It's almost the end of April, if you can believe it, and that means it's time for my favorite pins of this month. Spring has brought a lot of great inspiration, and cultivating it on Pinterest is a blast. So let's get started! Glitter Guide released a gorgeous home tour in Wisconsin yesterday (above), and I couldn't stop pinning all of the details. Like, how do I make that wall hanging happen, and when??

      I've been getting very into all of my plant babies in the last month, and I think everyone aspires to have hanging plants that gorgeous at some point in their lives.

     Ugh, this house! Can you say dream house? Potted shrubs included, s'il vous plait.

       I like to imagine that this is what it looks like every time I stir that lemonade I posted yesterday.

      The weather has been back and forth between 80 degree summery days, and 50 degree spring-ish days, with some downpours thrown in weekly, so you could say I'm still layering like a madwoman over here in Missouri. I have no problem with keeping cute cardigans like this one out year round though, tbh.

       And along with those cute cardigans, I'm also adding to my jewelry collection. This style of gold shapely earrings is becoming very popular, and I found a vintage, smaller version at the thrift store a couple of weekends ago. Score!

     Thanks for reading, and as always, you can find all of these pins and their sources on my Pin board! Have a fun Wednesday!