To Do / Fika


      Hi there! This winter, I decided to look into how the people in the far north (i.e. the Nordic countries, Canada, Alaska) endure long and frigid winters. I figured, if they can be happy during that tough of a season, then surely I could implement the same principles in our much more mild and insignificant winters. Last month we talked about the Danish concept hygge, and today I want to introduce the Swedish Fika. 

      Fika isn't purely a winter concept, as the Swedes do this year round. However, it's a great self care technique, and promotes mindfulness, which I think are essential to dredging through winter. Fika is basically an afternoon stop. Typically, people will get a coffee and a yummy treat, and then sit down and enjoy it, just to take a break from their day. As if I need another excuse to drink coffee, right? I'll take any opportunity to sit back and relax with a cup of joe, and now that I can put a name to it, it's carries a little more weight. Take some time this afternoon, and have yourself a Fika! It is Friday, after all. Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend!