To Do / Decorate with Nature


      Hi there! A fun way to decorate seasonally is to bring the outside in, and it's super simple to do in an organic way. I couldn't resist bringing home some pine tree trimmings when we chopped our Christmas tree down! They add the perfect touch of wintery greenery to our backdoor (shown above).

      Another thing you can do is use the textured twigs from your front yard! As you know, we used one in this wall hanging, and it looks just rustic enough. 

      Then, you can always gather some dried foliage and greenery. I love the muted green color, and can't be happy with a room without it!  

       My favorite bundle is in a recycled glass milk jug, which also adds to the natural look.  

      I hope these tips inspire you to decorate with nature! It's brought a breath of fresh air to not-so-dreary season. Have a great weekend everyone!