To Find Something Natural / January


     Good morning! This month's natural product is a necessity. Shampoo can be an iffy subject for people, mostly because they never really do what the bottle says. Typically promising volume, curl enhancement, dandruff relief, etc., a shampoo will usually work once (the first time you use it) and then your texture will go back to what it was before. This is because hair shafts literally get used to the product, much like skincare products and different workouts will stop having an effect once the body adapts and adjusts. It's the shock that you need! That being said, shampoos are also sometimes the most chemical filled, and it's just plain unnecessary.

     Enter: this organic herbal shampoo from Avalon Organics. I typically am after a clarifying shampoo, one that will keep my hair clean and simple. I'm also partial to rosemary, so this volumizing edition is perfect!

     It has somehow thickened my hair quite a bit, especially at the roots. I think people forget that before the invention of modern day chemical filled products, people miraculously used natural things to stay clean (by those days standards, of course). Herbs have always been effective for bodily use, and I see no reason to divert from that. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!