To Make a Choker


      Good morning! I've got a diy so simple for you guys today, it's barely even a project! I've been trying to figure out a way to incorporate a fall choker + velvet into my fall wardrobe, and I think I've hit the mark with this cute little velvet ribbon choker. I always prefer to make what I can instead of (usually) spending double the price on an item that is basically the same quality as what I can create. I made this choker on a whim, so there wasn't time for a full on photoshoot with Kristen (also she's in California, so that's another reason), but I promise it will pop up in a couple of #MomStyle posts soon! Onto the DIY!


- ribbon (go to a craft store, and choose any you like from 100's of options!)

- scissors


Step One - Measure enough ribbon to tie into a bow around your neck.

Step Two - Tie and adjust to your liking! Enjoy!