Bailey, Lately


     Hi there! Today, I'm sharing what little stinker has been up to this month! It's been a doozy, and you can tell she's gradually moving out of the baby category into actual kid territory.

Bailey, Lately:

- has been speaking so much more. She says most words, now we are just starting to move on to phrases and sentences.

- has been getting bigger and bigger. She's reaching a good height, and is slimming out more.

- has been eating more often. She still doesn't like to stop moving to eat, but with the growth spurt happening, she definitely consumes more food.

- has officially learned how to brush her teeth well. Before, I think she just licked the toothpaste off of her brush, but now, she scrubs and spits (lol) and rinses perfectly!

- is getting more friendly with kids. She likes to follow older kids around, and play with kids her own size.

- is able to sit through an actual movie at home. We still haven't attempted going to a theater yet.

- is starting to sleep in more, which yes, I have been jumping around with joy about.

That's all for now! Have a great Monday, and thanks for reading!