To Find Something Natural / Pt. 4


     Hi there! For this month's natural find, I wanted to introduce these locally-made bath salts that I picked up at Columbia's Farmers Market. They are made by Niobrara Farms, and are composed of only the best organic ingredients!

      They had a lot of products available at the Market, but I chose these bath salts due to my love of baths, especially with the colder seasons coming up. I'm also a big grapefruit scent fan, so the amazing smell is just a bonus.

     Unlike other bath salts I've used, these dissolve really well in the tub! Usually, salts just sink to the bottom and don't do much, but these worked like a charm. I highly recommend you check out their Etsy shop (linked above) for all of their other products. They don't have the bath salts available online, but the soaps are calling my name, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!