To Make a Wall Hanging (with Bailey!)


     Good morning! I wanted to share a little craft I did with Bailey the other day, to get her introduced to playing with string and knots. It didn't turn out super cute, but Bailey loved it and had fun messing with the twine.


- twine, or string of some kind

- a dowel rod


Step one - cut all of your twine into even, foot long pieces. Then, attach them to the dowel rod with double knots. I would loop it around, and then have Bailey tighten each one. It's fun for them to participate in any way!

Step two - start tying single knots in any pattern with your twine. Again, I looped them myself and had Bailey tighten them. She loves pulling and tug-of-war at the moment, so she would tighten them as much as they would go and just keep pulling!

Thanks for reading!