Our Plants: Aloe Aristata


     Hello! Today, I have the latest installment of Our Plants to share with you! This month, I'm featuring our Aloe Aristata succulent. I identified it using FTD's compendium chart from my previous Our Plants post, and as always, it was pretty easy. I've found most succulents are easy to identify, due to their detailed appearances. There's always something special about each species that just jumps out at you.

      I recently picked up a pot for this guy when I visited home, so all that's left is to plant him in and enjoy the view!

       I've been loving my aloe plants, but I didn't realize this one was an aloe before researching it for this post. It makes sense though, given the shape of the leaves are very similar in shape to the aloe I've seen. I've just never put two and two together before! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!