To Try Something New, Pt. 1


       Good morning! I may have mentioned this past week that Bailey and I explored some of St. Louis a couple of weekends ago, and I thought I should share some snaps from that trip today. It was a blast, starting with a night of bruschetta/cheese/wine and ending with a walk to the park + some Oberweis ice cream! The in-between was pretty ideal too, with an excursion to the Galleria for some shopping, a driving-tour of Forrest Park (little-one was in the midst of a nice car-nap), and then trying out a chocolate bar (i.e. a variety chocolate martini's, spiked ice-cream floats, + an array of sweets). The photo above is where we relaxed and sipped milk chocolate/caramel martini's at VB Chocolate Bar. The photo may be dark and grainy, but those lights were too pretty not to take a picture of.

     A shot of the aforementioned milk chocolate/caramel martini and it was as good as it looks! It tasted like a perfectly melted chocolate shake, and it was rimmed with dark chocolate shavings. Whaaaaaaaat.

      Our meal at California Pizza Kitchen in the Galleria. Grainy again, but the lighting was dark everywhere we went, so you can't really avoid it. The spicy chipotle chicken pizza we had needed to be documented, along with the tostada pizza and Bailey's mac-and-cheese. Her bowl was huge and I was dying at how big the serving was for a kid's size! I'm pretty sure she ate like 3 pieces.

      My haul from the Galleria, which I hadn't visited since I was probably 11 or 12. We stopped in Urban Outfitters first, but I didn't pick up anything because I made a dumb-dumb move and forgot to bring Bailey's stroller, so since it was the first store we went in and hadn't rented a stroller yet, she was basically non-stop running around. Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way, like don't forget the most valuable piece of public child containment or you will pay. The other stores we visited were West Elm, where I purchased the mug and Hammerpress post card above, and then Forever 21, where I snagged the only bomber jacket I could find in the store and some sheet face masks. 

     This was a huge U.S. ground mural at the park we walked Bailey too. She rode there in a little red wagon and I wish I would have gotten a picture of it! It was one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time.

       A chocolate malt that Cat got at Oberweis on our last day. The thing was gigantic. Oberweis was really cool, and Bailey actually loves ice-cream, so she got her own little strawberry scoop. I had a concrete-esque treat and it was top-notch.

     I decided to start posting about the little adventures we take on the weekends, because someone asked me last week why I like visiting cities and going on weekend trips like this to places that could be mundane or underwhelming compared to other larger cities. My answer was simple: it's because it's doing something new. Regardless of how generic or common St. Louis may be to some, there are still new things to discover and try. I can't not take advantage of being less than two hours away from a hub of great restaurants, cool stores, and award winning parks and museums. That's called taking things for granted, which I don't ever want to be in the habit of. It's also new experiences for Bailey, and while she probably won't remember actually going, each of those new experiences build on each other to help shape her and show her a different world than the one she's in every day. Culture and fun are important to me, and trips like this are just another way to get better acquainted with those things. Thanks for reading more of my ramblings on life, have a great day!