For Art Appreciation


Hi there! Today's Art Appreciation focuses on this post card made by Hammerpress, which is based out of KC. Last weekend, Bailey and I visited St. Louis with my best friend Cat, who is a local from the suburbs around the city. We shopped at the Galleria, which I've loved since I was a kid (I've always had a thing for shopping), and stopped in the West Elm home decor store. They had a small selection of cards from Hammerpress and a couple of other Missouri-based studios. 

I selected this post card, mostly because I've been following Hammerpress for the last year or so, and try and pick up something of theirs any time I can. I also liked the post card backing on this, and the ornately designed "place stamp here" box. Their designs are hand pressed, and most people don't realize the work that goes into creating hand pressed and letter pressed designs. You have to hand carve stamps, and often times use original machines and equipment made specifically for these small, detailed works. That's pretty rare nowadays, in our digitally manufactured world. 

While I probably won't ever actually mail this, I like having the option to if I want. Who knows, maybe on our next excursion, I'll bring it along and surprise my family with a post card in the mail. Now that I think about that, I realize it's an excellent idea, so mom and dad, be on the lookout for a random post card here or there! Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Sunday!