For Crafts with Bailey!


      Good morning! I've decided to start doing weekly crafts with Bailey. She loves working with her hands, and also loves anything messy. I figured crafts are one of the best outlets for those things. The first week, she and I played with some clay. She's always been interested in it anytime I've used it, and I found some stamps that would be an excellent and less messy tool to experience the clay with. 

      She ended up loving it, and it gave us a good fifteen minutes of her sitting and focusing on a task, which has been another goal of mine. We didn't end up actually making anything, which was fine. The point was to get her to use her hands and explore the clay, which she did so well.

         You can tell she was determined. I think crafts are one of the most fun ways for children to learn. They get to create something out of nothing! What's better than that?

        I think I'll invest in a pack of stamps that are shapes, so she can start to learn those. Shapes are easy for kids to spot, and that makes them easier to practice.

        Maybe next time we'll spell out her name in the clay and let it dry. That would be a fun thing to hang in her room. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!