To Make My Month


     Good morning! It's the last day of August, so that means it's time for a Made My Month post. August was a good one, and it usually is, since it's my birthday month and it always guarantee's that I get to see my parents and sometimes my sisters, so that makes it extra special. I've already covered my b-day on here though, so let's move on to the other things that made August awesome! Above, is obviously a soccer goal. I snapped this shot on the evening Brett and I took Bailey to some soccer fields for the first time so that she could just run and kick the ball and play. Brett loves playing soccer, and you can tell he loves playing with Bailey just as much as she does. 

     This was a coffee from Coffee Zone in downtown Columbia. It's called the Future of Coffee and it was too good. It's a combo of a classic iced Vietnamese coffee poured over frozen slushy coffee. I don't think it requires any more explanation than that!

     This is a shot of my current favorite mug and my new (to me) catch all dish that I scored at Salvation Army. It's modern, unique, and just plain cool. It definitely makes me smile every time I look at it.

      Brett made me a succulent garden for my birthday, and here it is! It's so big I can't even fit it in the frame unless I stand on a step stool, but it's perfect. He must have picked up on my super subtle and minimal hints that I love succulents ;).

       Lastly, I made out-of-this-world dark cocoa sea salt date truffles. They are clean, sugar-free, and so so good. You can bet I'll post the recipe for these this fall!

     Thanks for reading, and let me know what made your month awesome in the comments! I wanna know!! Have a great day!