Bailey, Lately


     Hi there! It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for a Bailey update!

Bailey, Lately:

- is in love with packing up her favorite stuffed animals to take with her anytime we leave the house.

- has been playing with chalk on the driveway while she still can!

- has started showing more signs the the Two's can indeed be terrible. Tantrums are so hard not to laugh at.

- is playing with her baby doll more, pushing it around in it's stroller. She calls it Baby, shockingly, and gives it kisses.

- is becoming more friendly with other children. She mostly follows them around at the park, especially if they are older, and tries to "talk" to them.

- has started noticing weather, like rain, and points it out so that we all know "it's raining!".

- can run and kick a ball at the same time. Well, I saw her do it once when she was playing soccer with Brett. She definitely gets any soccer genes she has from him.

- has a better appetite. Before, she was simply too busy to want to eat most of the time, but now she must be going through a growth spurt. She grabs ham (her favorite) every time I open the fridge!