To Try Macrame, Pt. 2


     Hi there! I was recently inspired to use up the last of my yarn, thanks to this post over on A Beautiful Mess! I've found macrame really enjoyable and simple, so a macrame garland for Bailey's room sounded perfect. I had made her a triangle one here, but wanted to switch it up with something a little more bohemian. Check it out, and get the how-to below!

Materials Needed:

- yarn

- scissors

- push-pins


Step one - Cut your base string that you'll macrame the yarn onto (mine is about 4 ft. long). Then cut pieces that are about 2 ft. long, so that they'll hang around a foot down from the base.

Step two - Knot your 2 ft. long yarn pieces to your base piece about 2-3 inches apart from each other.

Step three - Then, skip your first strand of yarn and knot your second and third strands together, and continue til the last piece of yarn, which will be hanging on it's own like the first piece. I recommend tying these knots about 2 inches down from the base.

Step four - Next, start your second row of knots by tying the first strand to the second and repeating til it reaches the end. Trim how you like, or just leave it for a more relaxed feel like I did. Hang with your push pins and enjoy!