To Try Something New, Pt. 2


     Hi there! In early June, a new cafe + market opened up in Columbia, and this amazing place is called Nourish. Columbia had been severely lacking in nutritional restaurants, but in the past few years has tried to up it's game. Main Squeeze is the OG healthy restaurant in Columbia, offering vegan and vegetarian options to the college-kid set. Then a couple of years ago, Lucky's market + bar opened to everyone's joy. Other than the organic sections in Gerbes and Hyvee, and the overpriced Natural Grocers, Columbia didn't really have an organic and accessible place to grocery shop. The organic sections in the regular grocery stores were ok, but small. Lucky's has a bar, serving local beer, and is a organic and health centered grocery store that doesn't cost a pretty penny for good food. It was the center of healthy eating in Columbia until Nourish opened up.

     To be clear, Nourish isn't your average market or grocery store. It offers a small selection of in-house made products that you can purchase and stock up on. They make clean, vegan truffles, which no one I know can resist. They make other delicious desserts too, all clean and healthy with no sugar added! Also, they make cold-pressed juices and cashew milks, which are too good.

      On the restaurant side of things, they offer an amazing breakfast and lunch menu, along with kid's options (yay for Bailey!). I've only had lunch there, but that quinoa pasta drenched in avocado pepperjack sauce was to die for. It was spicy and filling, but wasn't too heavy like typical mac and cheese is. I also tried the raw cacao cashew milk, and it was so rich and tasty!

       The overall aesthetic of Nourish is on point too. From the plants in every corner to the packaging on their juices and milks. It is clean and simple and better than your average design that you'll find in Columbia. Let's just say this place was desperately needed, and I'm sure it'll become a fixture in the local restaurant repertoire. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!