For an Update: Master Bedroom


     Hi there! I'm sharing a little update on how our Master Bedroom is coming along with some iPhone photos today. This is one of my favorite rooms so far, I think because it's so personal. My half of the room has some of my favorite possessions, and the same goes for Brett on his side of the room. When we first moved in together, we decided that having our own sides would be best because our interests and ideas can be pretty different sometimes. That, and I have siblings, so I realized early on in life that having my own space was important, even if it is just half a room. Above, is our little sweetie playing on our bed. It's one of her favorite places to be, mostly just because she likes to throw all of the pillows off and sit in the middle like she conquered it.

     This is part of my little corner, where I store my records and whatnot. I also like to display my favorite shoes of the moment next to my records. It just makes me happy to look at them!

     My nightstand, shown above, probably seems crowded to some. For me though, it's carefully curated and perfect. On it, I keep my record player from my parents (thanks guys!) next to my records, ready to be spun at any moment. I've gotten into the habit of playing one whenever I fold and put away laundry in our room. It makes the task less daunting and more enjoyable. I also keep sentimental things, like a polaroid of my parents, a crystal I brought back from home, a box my sister painted for me, and a book of poetry from Brett's sister, Kristen.

       This is what my half of our dresser looks like. I get ready in the mornings here, and so I keep all of the essentials for that at my fingertips. I also keep my incense here, out of Bailey's reach still, and a couple of cute decorations. The small metal bear and bull are representative of the stock market (my dads field of work), and were in his office for my entire life. They were the pawns from a tic tac toe set that my sisters and I played with every time we visited.

     Thanks for reading, and have a great Wednesday!