To Paint a Rug


       Good morning! I know, that is a really random post title. However, I literally did paint my rug last night, because I was tired of the boring white basic rug and wanted a particular style. I've been pining for a pretty patterned rug for our living room, but I'm not willing to pay the amount of money rugs cost, even for small ones like this 3'x5'. The cute ones are $50-$100, and since I'm obsessed with many decor and design items, that price range is just not in my budget. I have clothes and other fun things to buy, and since this rug was free from the Salvation Army, I settled for it for awhile. It was still bothering me though, the rug's dullness. I craved something interesting, since I look at this rug every day. Alas, I decided to just paint the pattern I wanted with acrylic paint. I'm aware that it's not fabric paint, and also not sealed. So it can't get wet unless I choose to seal it, but for now, I don't plan on it serving any other purpose than just looking pretty. It was really easy to do, and only required a couple of steps. Check it out below!


Materials Needed:

- rug

- acrylic paint and brush

- pen


- Stencil out the pattern you want with your pen, and paint it! Let dry overnight before putting down for use and enjoy!