Art Appreciation


    Hi there! I've been itching to share more artwork I'm in love with on the blog, and today seemed like a perfect day to start. Each Sunday, I'll share a print, card, or piece of art I've purchased, along with what I think is so great about them. I studied a little art history at Mizzou, and it made me smitten with looking at art. Any style and form, doesn't matter, I always find some way to like most things. 

    Today's prints are actually a set of post cards from Idle Wild Co. that I purchased about a year ago. I use them as decor, but I think the next time I send a card, I'll send one of those instead, just for kicks! If you haven't heard, I'm obsessed with desert plants. Not sure why, but I'll buy anything involving them usually. The color pallete of these prints are also spot on with my own personal pallete, so it's probably fate that I bought them. If you're in Columbia, pick up some other cute Idle Wild Co. prints at Poppy, or head to Idle Wild Co.'s site for their full range of pretty illustrations and cards! Have a great Sunday!