To Make a Wall Hanging, Pt. 2


       Good morning! Today, I'm sharing this fun little DIY I made for Bailey's room. It's inspired by the shapes of children's blocks, and with a small size and an all white and light color way, it's minimal and beautiful! Get the how-to below!

Materials Needed:

- a foot long dowel rod

- air-dry clay

- rope or twine

- a pencil

- white acrylic paint and a brush


Step one - Shape four small palm sized clay balls into spheres and rectangles. Punch a hole using your pencil and let dry overnight.

Step two - Once dry, paint white and let dry again.

Step three - Cut four 18 inch long pieces of your rope or twine, and string your beads with staggered spacing. To secure them on the rope, tie a knot on each side of the bead and they will stay in their spot (see below).

Step four - Go ahead and attach all four strings to your rod using double knots, and space how you like. Then attach a foot long piece of your rope or twine to the dowel rod to hang. Enjoy!