Vacation Packing: Toddler Edition


     Hi there! I've got a few long packing lists for vacation next week, and I'm about to get started on them in the next couple of days. I find that the hardest person to pack for is Bailey, simply because toddlers have to have a lot of stuff to just get through the day. When packing for this particular vacation, I have to consider the weather too. Apparently, everywhere is experiencing this crazy heat wave, and in Mid-Missouri that means humidity levels higher than the beach a thousand miles away. I'm not joking, last year I compared the humidity in Columbia to the humidity at the beach we went to and it was HIGHER in Missouri. That makes no sense, and doesn't seem fair since at least it's humid for a reason at the beach. Missouri's land-locked and humidity levels reach into the nineties in the summer. I'm bitter about it, as is my hair, if you can't tell. Ok, I'm done ranting now. Onto today's topic: packing for an oddly tropical week at Lake of the Ozarks, toddler edition. I plan to bring all of the usual essentials (diapers, sippy cups, etc.), but I wanted to share a few of the things Bailey loves when it's unnecessarily warm. See the list below!

Warm-Weather Vacation Essentials: Toddler Edition:

1. Face mist - Bailey requests spritz's from my own face mist on the daily.

2. Hair ties - Bailey's hair is finally longer and thicker (yay!), and hair ties are essential for keeping her neck cool and less sweaty.

3. Open toed shoes - this might seem obvious, but no one likes to wear closed toed shoes when it's a hundred degrees outside.

4. Sunscreen - again, probably obvious, but something this important to fair-skinned people like Bailey and I can't be mentioned enough.

5. Sunglasses - babies need to see in the sun just as much as adults do! Gotta have UV protection too, because our blue eyes means more light sensitivity. Wooooooo.

6. Bubbles - this might be specific to Bailey, but at the moment, little girl won't go outside without her bubbles. Weirdly, it's refreshing when the land on you and pop.