For an Update: the Office


     Hi there! I just wanted to share a few iPhone photos of the little changes I've made to our office. Our office is really part greenhouse/part actual office. At the moment, half the room is full of plants that we are waiting on planters for to go outside, and the other half is desks, computers, and your usual office stuff. Above, is what's basically my desk (we have two), and I've decorated it to my liking, minus one of our huge herb gardens sitting on it. Once we move it, I can actually work at my desk again!

     These are a few of my little babies, which I've shared abundantly on my Instagram. You can't tell in this photo because it's from the top, but my cactus on the far left is growing huge arms! Yay!!!


     This is one of our beloved bookcases, and next to it is where I store all of my craft supplies and personal files. It's essentially the little hub of blogging things.


      Lastly, I'm still in love with this little hanging system. The clips are perfect for my little Idle Wild Co. prints. Thanks for reading!