To Make a Scrub, Pt. 2


      Good morning! I had an inner debate about posting this scrub. I was disappointed with how much the recipe I used ended up yielding. I won't share the original recipe because of this, and because the photo's are very misleading on the scrubs' amount and texture. Basically, it doesn't look anything like the photo's. I don't know if they didn't use coconut oil like they said, or if they doubled the size of the recipe just to take the photo's, but I was pretty let down. That being said, the scrub does work, and it smells amazing, so that's why I'm still sharing. Moral of the story though: remember a lot of what you see on the internet is inauthentic.

Ingredients: yields 1 oz. of scrub, so go ahead and at least double everything for a full jar

- 2 tbs. Himalayan pink sea salt

- 2 tbs. of coconut oil, room temperature

- grapefruit essential oil

- jar


- Combine salt and coconut oil, and stir.

Step two - add in as much essential oils as you like, and stir. Pour into jar and keep at room temperature. Enjoy!