To Make Cubano's


       Good morning! Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite sandwich recipes: the Cubano. I first tried a Cubano in New York at a random deli. My only reasons for choosing it were that I liked mustard and wanted a ham and cheese. I didn't like pickles at the time, but I tried it anyway and found I could tolerate them. It's actually one of the first ways I ever tried pickles, and I've been slowly trying them with other things ever since.

     Cubano's are a Florida and Cuban-American culture thing. It's not technically even Cuban, it was just created to cater to Cuban immigrants in the early 1900's. These sandwiches traditionally have roasted pork instead of bacon, but I wasn't in the mood to roast pork just for my one sandwich. However, if I were serving these at a party, I would include the pork because it is amazing and people who haven't tried one of these should try it as it was intended. Get the delicious recipe below!

Ingredients: yields one sandwich

- 2 slices of ham

- 2 slices of Swiss cheese

- 2 slices of bacon

- mustard

- pickles

- French bread or some form of white bread


- Assemble and toast to get gooey goodness. Enjoy!