To Check Out Some Vinyl, Pt. 2


      Hey there! This month's installment of our Record Profiles series includes some pretty legendary artists. Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd are some of the most well known musicians of the last 50 years. The record featured above is a gift I gave to Brett for his 21st birthday. The song "Three Little Birds" is one of his most favorite songs, and it's his go-to for when he needs to relax after the long hours he spends studying and working. My favorite is probably "Buffalo Soldier", mostly because I like the story and it has a great down-beat. 

       This record is on loan from Brett's parents, and of course, it's awesome. A lot of The Beatles songs were about the women they were in love with or were inspired by. They were excellent at writing about love, and it's nice to have a record with only their love songs on it. The fact that these songs are still relevant and enjoyed by people some 50 odd years later is a testament to the talent of The Beatles.

       Pink Floyd is an interesting band. I didn't really ever hear their songs until adulthood, and I can see why. They are slightly frightening with their honesty, and have never been afraid to push boundaries. "The Wall" is probably their most well known album, and it really is great to listen to. If you've ever seen their movie that goes along with it, you'll understand the "frightening" aspect. If you are new to Pink Floyd though, this is the album you should listen to first.