To Practice Lettering


     Hi there! You're probably wondering "where's the weekly mood board?" to which I would answer, I've decided to take a break from them! I've been wanting to do a new series on hand lettering, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Honestly, I just got a little bored with creating the mood boards and wanted to mix it up! I've been working on different styles of hand lettering, and wanted to share. Each week I'm going to create a little print with whatever lettering and quote I'm working on that week. This week's print is for Bailey's room, I'm still playing around with the decor and wanted to add something new. It reads "you are my bucket list", because really, she is. This type of calligraphy is really simple and feminine, so it works for going in Bailey's room. I think this series is going to be great, I love the idea of picking a quote and lettering style each week and then creating a print using those tools. I hope you love it too, and thanks for reading!