Mom Style: Saddle Bag


       Hey there! Today, I'm sharing my new favorite bag! It's a tan leather saddle bag I purchased from Forever 21 while we were in Denver. Columbia doesn't have a Forever 21, so I don't usually get to shop there. They have a wide selection of on-trend but inexpensive bags to choose from, and I'm always more likely to buy a cheaper bag than shoe, just because there's less wear and tear on bags.

      I'm loving this purse as a "mom bag", specifically because it's a larger version of a cross body bag. Cross-body bags would typically be ideal for mom's because they are hands free. Unfortunately though, that type of bag is usually on the smaller scale, which doesn't correlate with how much mom stuff you have to carry around. Enter, the saddle bag! Large in size, due to this kind of bag being modeled off of literal saddle bags that were once used by hunters, pioneers, and still used by modern day horse-riders. They have the cross-body strap, so you are still hands-free, but are also huge on the inside to hold all of your stuff!

     Side note: The photo above was the only usable one from some close up shots we did, due to the fact that I can't make my face right, or stop laughing when there's a camera that close. LOL

      I really do love this bag, and hope it lasts! It goes with the kind of 70's vibe I've got going on in my wardrobe at the moment. It's also pretty to look at, which is never a bad thing. Have a good Monday!

Wearing: American Apparel top / thrifted denim mini skirt (similar here) / Asos lace up flats (no longer available, similar here) / Forever 21 bag (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams