To Try Macrame


     Good morning! I've always wanted to get into weaving and macrame, and this simple tutorial made it much more approachable. Following that technique, I created a little hanger out of twine for one of my cacti! I'm hoping to add it to our office, so that it can give a little bit of a bohemian feel to the space.

     I had previously made two of these guys for our living room, and still love them. They added something special to a very blank/boring corner. Macrame sounds and looks a lot harder than it actually is, and in my opinion, using twine makes it even easier. Check out the DIY below!

Materials needed:

- twine

- scissors

- a ruler


Step one - Measure out 8 strings of twine, about a yard long, depending on personal preference.

Step two - Tie the ends of all 8 strings together into one big knot, leaving a few inches to hang from the bottom (see above).

Step three - Group your cords into 4 sets of 2 and tie a knot in each set, approximately 2 inches away (see above).

Step four - Now separate these sets into new sets of 2 and tie them together approximately 1.5 inches away (see above).

Step five - Repeat for a third time and tie each new set of cords together 1.5 inches away from the previous (see above).

Step 6 - Place your planter inside the hanger, and adjust accordingly. Then, tie all the strings in a knot at the top.

Step 7 - Hang and enjoy!