To Decorate a Planter


     Hi there! Just wanted to share a quick little DIY I did the other weekend. I had found this cool faceted planter/cup thing at Target, and loved that it was a blank canvas in which to get creative on. After consulting with my creative friends, I decided on a black and gold pattern to paint it with. I love a good gold paint pen, and gold on black always has a nice art-deco feel to it. I also don't have many things that reflect that style, so it was something new to try! The DIY is below, and as you'll see, Bailey enjoyed the end product quite a bit.

Materials needed:

- wooden vessel (mine is from Target, here)

- black acrylic paint

- a paint brush

- a gold paint pen


Step one - Paint your vessel black, and let dry

Step two - Have fun with your paint pen! For my pattern, I alternated different sizes of diamonds, with inlaying smaller diamonds.

Step three - Let dry completely and fill with whatever you please!