Mom Style: Transitioning into Spring


     Hey there! I thought it would be fun to try out this trend for spring, considering it's essential to layer in my neck of the woods. Missouri's spring weather is usually a bit rainy and stormy, with warm days and chilly nights. So far this spring, Mother Nature has also thrown in some crazy wind! So fun! LOL

     Anyways, I still wanted to get some use out of my turtleneck, but also wanted to wear this super pretty dress my parents got me for Christmas (<3 you guys!). In the past, this would have been quite the conundrum, but this new-ish way of layering was the perfect option.

     This would also be awesome to wear in the fall, since that weather is pretty similar to our spring weather. I had to add my hat to the look too, because in a few weeks it will be too warm to wear it! Not to worry though, I plan on investing in a straw boater hat to tide my hat need over until fall rolls around again.

     I probably won't be doing this trend in the summer, that season can be pretty sweltering, and I definitely won't need the extra layer. This was super fun to try out for the moment though! You can do this technique with a t-shirt and camisole or slip dress, or a strapless top with another t-shirt. The possibilities are really just up to the wearer!

     I love this shot, not really sure why though. Probably because of the hat. I don't have many portraits, and I feel like this one is cool enough that I can look back on it in 30 years and be like "Ya, I was cool". It will most likely be framed. Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Wearing: d.Ra Dress (gifted, available here) / Target girls turtleneck (no longer available, similar here) / Asos flats (no longer available, similar here) / Target hat