Weekly Moodboard, #23

     Hi guys! It's the weekend, and this one happens to be a little monumental. I started the three day potty training process with Bailey yesterday! It's going fine so far, considering she hates being wet at all. She even begs to take her t-shirt off if it gets a drop of water on it, so that's kind of playing out in our favor. That being said, we don't really have plans this weekend. I'm doing a couple of shoots for the blog, which include the coasters and lemonade pictured below. Mostly I just plan on finishing One Hundred Years of Solitude in between trips to the potty with Bailey. Hopefully we can get outside a little bit though, because it will be in the 70's all weekend and I'm dying to wear some shorts and my new sandals from Charlotte Russe, which are very similar to the Steve Madden's below. Wish me luck and have a great weekend!