Weekly Moodboard, #18

     Hi guys! First things first, today is my little sister's 20th birthday, so happy birthday Rebecca!! Second, can I just say how old I feel thinking my little sister is only a year away from being 21?! That's too old, and she will forever be 10 in my mind. Lets move on though, before I start getting too deep into age issues. It's already in the 70's and even 80's next week, so I'm having a very in limbo between spring an summer moment. The color red really pops out at me now, probably because it's timeless and works for any season. As you can see below, it looks amazing with most other colors, and I'm really going to try and incorporate it more in my life. Personally, I prefer hints of red, as opposed to it being a lead color, in my style and in photos/illustrations/design. Who knows though, I could end up buying the brightest all-red dress by the end of the summer, so we'll see if I end up branching out. Wish me luck!