Bailey, Lately


     Hi guys! As we are super busy prepping for our Colorado road trip, it's nice to get to take this time to sit and ponder Bailey and her actions. She changes so much that it's hard to keep up! One day soon, she will probably be able to outrun me, seeing as I've never been much of a runner, and that is just one example of her growth.

Bailey, lately:

- is finishing up her swim lessons. Our last one is tomorrow, and her progress with being comfortable in the water is amazing! She paddles and kicks, and goes under at least twice every session. It's terrifying and awesome, all at once.

- is honing in her sports skills. We heightened her basketball goal up to it's tallest setting, and she dunks it almost every time.

- has also been upping her soccer kicks. This little girl is way more coordinated for contact sports than I ever was! She gets it from her soccer loving Daddy.

- has been getting a little crankier in the mornings when she wakes up. The time change is partly to blame, but I'm also thinking she's just two going on twelve.

- has had to say goodbye to her beloved Curious George show that Netflix is removing at the end of March. On to the next one, right Bailey?

- is speaking more and more every day. She, for the most part, is trying to say more than just the subject when she wants something.

- has also stopped crying or whining for something when she's asking for it. She goes straight for the talking.

- has been removing her diaper on her own and saying "uh oh" and handing it over to me. Time to break out the potty training books. It's time.