To Plan a Party


     Hi guys! Bailey's 2nd Birthday party is tomorrow, so I figured I'd share some details about what I've been planning. Initially, I was going to throw her a chocolate themed party, like all of the food would involve chocolate and I would try and figure out some brown decor. Then, I realized that making it "chocolate themed" was very limiting in terms of decorations and food. A chocolate table would be great, but that's a lot of chocolate, and it just didn't sound right to center the entire party on chocolate. I settled on just doing a chocolate fudge cake, and that would be the way to work chocolate into the food. Our families really love chocolate, so it had to be in there somewhere. As far as the theme goes, I decided to go for a general spring and girlish feel to the party, which is not necessarily a theme. It's more of a direction, which seems much more relaxed than being stuck with brown food and brown decor. Lately, it's been so warm and sunny that I wanted to embrace the impending season, since Bailey's birthday is right at the start of it. Also, Bailey has always seemed like a spring baby, you know, happy and bright. The vibe for the party is very fitting and reflective on the birthday girl herself! See below for more details.

Bailey's 2nd Birthday

Date: March 5, 2016

Time: Mid-day

Decor: Flowers, garlands, balloons, photo wall, blush, mustard, gold, mint

Food: Strawberry Brie Bites, Mango Salsa, a Chocolate Fudge Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Vibe: Light, happy, warm, chill