Weekly Moodboard, #20

     Happy Weekend! We are busy packing to leave for Denver, CO on Monday, and I'm about to combust due to the excitement! I've been thinking a lot lately, about these moodboards, and I've decided to make them more of a reflection on my plans for the weekend and week ahead, as opposed to general inspirational images. It's more fun that way, for me at least. I like to round up my plans and ideas through images. That being said, I'll explain, each week, the meaning behind each photo. Let's get started!

1. I plan on buying a few new buddies at Ironwood in Denver!

2. Packing is the major item on the weekend to-do list.

3. ABM kills me with their DIY's, and I can't wait to do this one before we leave on Monday!

4. We are going to try Voodoo at least once, whilst in Denver.

5. This is basically outfit goals for Denver, and + one more layer, since it'll be a little chilly!

6. The mountains are calling, see you soon CO!