To Open a Shop


     Hi guys! Today, I am opening a shop on my site! I've decided to start small, with offering a couple of my hand-drawn illustrations, inspired by my love of the warmer months and all that comes with them. I plan to add more original products as we go along, but I am so excited for these two prints! Above, are the lead photos you'll see in the shop, and below are the detailed images. The prints are small (8x5) and simple in design, using only black ink. It's new for me, to not add color, but I really love the clean look it gives to the prints. 

     As you may have seen on Instagram, I named these two "Can't Touch This" and "Walk This Way", mainly because those two songs are what immediately popped into my head when finishing these prints. I love to add a little cheekiness in what I produce, it keeps life fun. I plan to share updates on the shop here and on IG, so keep an eye out for those, as I have some fun plans for the shop. I can't wait to see where this goes! Thanks for all the support, and have an awesome week!