To Make a Mini Banner


     Hi guys! I did this project a couple of weeks back, and I wasn't super happy with how it turned out, to be honest. I was mostly disappointed with the lettering, which was fine up until the "s" on "days". I had a limited supply of canvas, so I just decided to keep it and share the small fail with you all. I actually hung it on the corner or my mirror in our bedroom though! It's still a great reminder to have in constant view. The how-to is really simple though, so as long as you don't paint willy-nilly like I did, this project can turn out really well. Check it out below!

Materials needed:

- blank canvas material

- a dowel rod

- acrylic or fabric paint

- fabric glue

- scissors

- rope or twine (I ended up using twine.)


Step one - Cut your canvas into whatever shape you like, then paint your design onto the canvas. Let dry.

Step two - To attach your dowel rod to your canvas, wrap the top edge around your dowel rod and secure glue. Let dry with a weight on top of where the edge of your canvas attaches to the back around the rod.

Step three - Once glue is completely dry, attach your twine by tying the ends to each end of the rod, and double knot. Enjoy!