To Go Thrifting! (Pt. 2)


    Hi guys! A little while back, I shared my favorite home goods that I have picked up from thrift stores around Columbia. Today, I thought I would share my favorite clothing scores! Above, we have one of my more recent purchases, the perfect vintage pair of Crop Flare jeans! I found these at our local Goodwill and frayed the hem myself. In a classic faded blue wash, and with an ideal high waist, these have been worn multiple times in the last few weeks.

     This choker was a pretty easy find. Simple gold chokers have been popular throughout the years, so these aren't that rare. I had been looking for one to compliment my minimalist wardrobe, and fell in love with this chic gold tubed version. For 2$, I couldn't say no!

     The perfect striped t from Gap for a quarter. Honestly, need I say more?

     Some Matt Bernson ankle boots in excellent condition! I scouted these out at one of the Salvation Army's in town, the same one where I found a pair of Hudson jeans in mint condition. It definitely has more luxury-style brands than our Goodwill, but for the same prices.