To Make A Pillow, Pt. 2


     Hi guys! I put together this fun little DIY to add some bohemian style to our bedroom. I love hints of bohemian in clothes and decor. Brett has a "Scuba Lion" throw pillow that Kristen designed, and I decided I needed a throw pillow of my own. I would have just bought one, but this only costs $6 to make, compared to at least $20 for a store bought one. I've been loving making wall-hangings, and realized I could easily do the same thing to a pillow. I had seen how Emma from A Beautiful Mess had done something similar to a dress and got inspired. Check it out below!

Materials needed:

- canvas pillow case (I get mine from Hobby Lobby)

- pillow stuffing (again, from Hobby Lobby)

- yarn of choice

- scissors


Step one - Decide how wide and long you want your attachment to be, and size and cut yarn accordingly. My top pieces that the others are tied to are about ten inches long, and the attached pieces vary for the design I had in mind, and are at least 14 inches a piece.

Step two - Knot your yarn, one at a time and side by side, to one of your top base pieces. To knot, loop your yarn halfway onto the base piece and secure with a double knot.

Step three - Create two holes, evenly spaced, in your pillow case, using scissors. Tie your two base pieces at one end, securing with a double knot, and loop the back base piece through the holes. Then, secure the other end of both base pieces using another double knot. (See above)

Step four - Once your design is secured to the pillow and laying flat, trim your design to your liking. I just did a diagonal cut, but a chevron would be cute too!

Step five - Stuff to your liking and enjoy!