To Check Out Some Vinyl


     Hi there! Within the last year, I have started to collect vinyl to accompany my Crosley record player that my parents got me for my birthday last year (thanks mom and dad!). The first record I bought, like ever, was FKA Twigs "LP1". I chose her album, because I wanted my first record to be music I had heard of and knew I would probably like, but hadn't actually listened to yet. I wanted to take a chance on something, like in the old days before you could stream every song online before you decided to buy the whole album. Today, I figured it would be fun to share a few favorites, and lets be honest, as my collection grows, I'll probably share a few favorites every month and turn it into a series. Until then though, here we go!

(Above): My second record ever, given to me by Brett's family, is Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die". Lana is my favorite artist, so I was veryyyyyyyy excited to get this album. It has all of her best songs (in my opinion) such as "Blue Jeans", "National Anthem", and "Video Games", which is my end-all be-all song. I don't think I'll ever love a song more, and getting to listen to it on vinyl makes it even more perfect.

     I came across this classic while rifling through Brett's parents collection, and it's "on loan" for now. ;) It was a no-brainer to snag, because of my dad's love for the Eagles. I had to hear it as was originally intended, on vinyl, and also because it took me right back to driving around in my dad's car. They're one of his favorite bands, and thanks to this record, they are quickly becoming one of mine as well.

      As I said above, this was the first record I ever owned, personally. I went into a local record store on National Records Day and picked it out, payed for it, and took it home. It may seem mundane for some, but I'll always remember it. The album itself turned out to be excellent. Her music is the perfect kind to work on some art or read too.