To Paint a Tray


     Hi guys! This DIY was so cute and easy, it took less than 5 minutes to do! I have had this little wooden tray for awhile, and I used to love the bamboo bottom, but after a few months of not getting to actually put anything in the tray (due to Bailey, see below), it was getting depressing. She likes to empty it, and has broken a few things I used to keep on it as a result. I wanted to keep it in the same spot, but not have it be so boring. I'm also going to start training her to leave it alone. We'll see how that goes, but in the meantime, the bright yellow and whimsical print have really livened it up! Check it out below.


- card stock paper, fitted to the bottom of your tray

- paint and a brush

- a marker


Step one - Go ahead and paint and print the piece of paper however you like. To achieve the look I wanted, I painted half of the paper diagonally with my favorite Goldenrod paint from Target (the tray is also from Target's dollar section). Then, I made little open triangles in a repeating pattern on the other half of the paper.

Step two - Using tape, adhere the paper to the bottom of the tray, and voila! You're done!