To Make Buffalo Sweet Rolls


     Hi guys! Do you follow Joy the Baker? I love her blog for her interesting recipes and on point food styling. She's the best in my opinion. Well, she made these amazing Buffalo Chicken Hawaiian Rolls, and I had to replicate them. We've been on a bit of a sweet roll kick at our house, and I saw this as an excellent opportunity to liven them up! Spoiler: they're delicious. Anything that includes bleu cheese usually is. I didn't include it on half of them because Brett isn't a fan of the cheese, so I decided to be nice that day. These were actually a lot easier to construct than I anticipated. I also highly recommend eating them warm too, it really brings out the bite in the buffalo sauce and cheese. Get the recipe below!

Ingredients: adapted from this recipe

- a pack of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

- 3 cups of shredded chicken

- half a cup of spinach

- half a cup of hot sauce

- 3 tbs. of mayo

- 1/3 cup of bleu cheese

- parsley for sprinkling


Step one - In a small mixing bowl, combine hot sauce and mayo with chicken. Then add in spinach.

Step two - Slice across the top of each roll. Stuff the chicken mixture in the best you can, and top with bleu cheese and parsley. Serve warm and with your favorite beverage! Mine is Cock and Bull ginger beer, pictured below.