To Make a Table Runner


     Hi readers! Now that it is March, life is going to get a little busy. Bailey's birthday is this month! As well as both of my sister's birthdays and my best friend Cat's birthday. That's right, four birthdays to celebrate in one month! Bailey's is the 9th, and she will be two, which is really hard to wrap my brain around. Last year, we threw her a party at her grandmas house with the whole family there. This year, we are going to do the same, but at our house. I'm actually pretty excited to have a party at our place. We haven't had one since we moved in, and I'm deep into planning mode. That comes first, then comes crazy cleaning and organizing mode, because guests.

      The point of this little rant though, is that today's DIY is actually a decoration for Bailey's slightly spring themed party! Think light colors, lots of natural light (hopefully due to a sunny day), garlands, seasonal eats, and just a relaxed atmosphere. Since this is our first party at home, we don't have much table decorations. Enter: the table runner! I wanted something simple and white, but with a fun print. I was always planning to DIY this, so I already had a few prints in mind. My favorite was this little Scandinavian style cross print, and blush is one of our favorite colors any time of the year. It turned out pretty cute, and I love the torn and frayed edges. I think it will make the perfect addition to her cake table. Get the how-to below!


- a table runner (this one was from a thrift shop)

- acrylic paint

- your favorite stamp (I cut this one out from a sponge)


Step one - Go ahead and dip your stamp into your paint, then apply in whatever pattern you'd like on the end of your table runner. Repeat until you get your desired look! Bailey had to help, of course.