Weekly Moodboard, #13

     Hi guys! Since 2016 began, I've been manically writing down every idea for this space and just my creative life in general. I have been itching to pursue and think out everything that sparks my interest. From trying new DIY techniques that intimidated me in the past, to developing an illustration collection to sell this summer, I've become inspired to do it all. These moodboards, I believe, have had a big part in that. I love getting to center where my brains at using photos, because it opens my eyes to what I want to incorporate into my style, color palette, and overall process. For instance, this week, I'm really getting into warm tones paired with blue, like denim. Then, I remember, I love doing a red lip with a Canadian tuxedo LOL (but really, I do), so this weekend, I'll have to try it out again! I can't wait to see what next week brings. Have a happy Saturday!